Vol. 6 Issue 2 (April 2015) Business

IJBEL_International Journal of Business, Economics and Law, Vol. 6, Issue 2 (Apr.)






1 Suhaimi Mhd Sarif A Tawhidic-Linked Experience Of Strategic Management From The Lessons Of Hajj Pilgrimage 1 – 7
2 Yoong Siew Wai and Jamil Bojei Moderating Effects Of Psychology Factors For Stewardship Of Sustainable Behaviours : A Conceptual Framework 8 – 16
3 Erni Tanius and Sam Wai Seng Consumers Awareness Towards Genetically Modified (GM) Foods 17 – 26
4 Raymond Cheng Business Pragmatics: Why Are We Being Polite? 27 – 32
5 Fadzilah Abdullah Values in Management: Cultural Restructure for an Effective Performance Appraisal
33 – 38
6 Saleh Abdullah Saleh, Fawad Hussain, Mohammad Basir B Saud and Mohd Azwardi MD Isa Strategic Marketing & Competitiveness Analysis Of Malaysian Medical Tourism Industry
39 – 47
7 Muhammad Ahmad, Rizal Palil, Mardziyah Mohd Isa and Noor Hashimah Dolah Knowledge Of Islamic Banking Products Among Muslim Entrepreneurs: Proposed Theoretical Framework, Hypotheses Development, Research Design And Operational Definitions 48 – 52
8 Muhammad Ahmad, Rizal Palil, Afifah Abu Bakar and Noor Hashimah Dolah Literature Review On The Knowledge Of Islamic Banking ProductsAmong Muslim Entrepreneurs 53 – 56
9 Tarnue Johnson and Debra Gavin Ware African American Leaders In The Nonprofit Sector: An Empirical Study Of Lawrence Kohlberg’s Cognitive-Development Approach 57 – 64